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Bible Bot for Proverbs 8:22-31
Proverbs 8:22-31 (Show Context)

8:22 The Lord created me as the beginning of his works,

before his deeds of long ago.

23 From eternity I have been fashioned,

from the beginning, from before the world existed.

24 When there were no deep oceans I was born,

when there were no springs overflowing with water;

25 before the mountains were set in place

before the hills—I was born,

26 before he made the earth and its fields,

or the top soil of the world.

27 When he established the heavens, I was there;

when he marked out the horizon over the face of the deep,

28 when he established the clouds above,

when he secured the fountains of the deep,

29 when he gave the sea his decree

that the waters should not pass over his command,

when he marked out the foundations of the earth,

30 then I was beside him as a master craftsman,

and I was his delight day by day,

rejoicing before him at all times,

31 rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth,

and delighting in its people.

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