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Songs for Our Temple

This year, Bible teachers from FaithTree and Little Hills are reading through the Psalms and we want to invite you to take part! How do you dive in? Just read approximately three Psalms with us each week.

This Week’s Psalm Discussion

This Week at Little Hills: Why Was It Necessary for Christ, the Redeemer, to Die? (February 23, 2024)

Melanie takes us to the question “Why was it necessary for Christ, the Redeemer, to die?” from the New City Catechism. This question takes us to the amazing and wondrous beauty of the Gospel.

You can read Catechism Question #24 right here that Melanie refers to below. Then, please join us 15 minutes after our 5:30 p.m. service today as we pick back up with this question and question 24.

Share Your Thoughts, Insights and Questions

Does something in the most recent reading strike you? Do you have a question about what the Psalmist meant? Let’s discuss it together as a community! You can post your comments and questions on the companion page for each set of readings. Here is the one for this week.

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