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Stare at the Sunset (July 24, 2023)

Teachers are sometimes elevated too much while sometimes teaching is held with too little regard. God calls us to something different.

We Believe: The Bible

Our bodies aren’t something to be ashamed of or to be overcome, but rather something to be celebrated and redeemed. Through the example of Jesus, we understand that the body is a gift from God, and that it has eternal value.

We Believe: The Bible

We’re diving into biblical authority and what it means for our lives. We believe that the Bible is not just any book but the inspired Word of God, with absolute authority and without error. Join us as we explore why the Bible is unique and how it reveals Jesus, and discover how the Holy Spirit helps us understand its message.

We Believe: God

Discover the truth about knowing God. In a world where Gen Z is increasingly drawn to spirituality, it’s time to challenge cultural assumptions and seek the unknown. Drawing from Acts 17, Pastor Nikomas shares how our perceptions of God can be limited and how questioning our assumptions can lead to a profound understanding. Uncover the journey of finding God, realizing that He is closer than you think. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to know and experience the fulfillment of calling upon Him.

The Lasting City (August 16, 2021)

What is our mission today as a church and as individuals? How does it affect what we do in our daily lives?

The Cheeseburger Made Me Do It (August 9, 2021)

God calls us to unity, but the Church struggles to follow that calling. What does being one who seeks to live according to the “bond of peace” really look like for us?

52 Verses, 52 Books, 52 Weeks (Week 28: 2 Timothy)

Paul says we should remember the “sound words.” What does that mean? How does that apply to us?