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Unfortunate Reversal (June 27, 2022)

We all love a good story of a “reversal of fortune,” but are they always good? What makes them good? Agur helps us to consider that in the next verses of Proverbs 30.

Unleash Hope at Home (November 28, 2021)

Where does unleashing hope start? Not locally or globally, but it begins right in the heart of our homes - it begins with family. In the message, we explore how we can honor God by opening up a door of hope for the lost and wounded that are the closest to us.


What are Godly expectations when it comes to sex and touch? In our relationships, both in and out of marriage, it’s important to learn & give appropriate touch that both honors God and loves others well.   


Commitment can be difficult over the long haul, for it requires us to lay down our lives for another. But it is critically important for healthy relationships. Thankfully through the power of God’s grace and love, commitment is possible.


Is independence really the pinnacle of life? Our culture claims so but according to scripture, the self-reliant, independent life doesn’t work. Maybe we need a crutch after all.


Pastor Doyle begins the series “It’s Complicated” on growing our relationships Biblically, thinking about how we should know God and know each other.