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Songs for Our Temple (Week 10: Psalms 28-30)

Join Melanie for an adventure through our next three Psalms (28-30) as we continue going through all 150 Psalms this year! Live tonight at 7:30 p.m. (CST).

Songs for Our Temple (Week 9: Psalms 25-27)

Join Pastor Tim on this uncertain week in our world, we turn to the next three Psalms, which remind of us God’s faithfulness to His people.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 8: Psalms 22-24)

Jim Krenning shares from Psalms 22-24 — some of the most familiar words in the Psalms — this week as we continue our exploration of the Psalms this year.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 7: Psalms 19-21)

Melanie Haynes leads us into Psalms 19-21 tonight as we continue exploring the Psalms and what they tell us about our God.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 6: Psalms 16-18)

Pastor Tim takes us through three Psalms (16-18) that point us to the lasting treasure of God’s love on tonight’s “This Week at Little Hills.”

Songs for Our Temple (Week 5: Psalms 13-15)

Join us as the Psalminizers come together for a discussion about the problems of life and the solution in Psalms 13-15.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 4: Psalms 10-12)

Join us as Jason Kettinger takes us through Psalms 10-12 in our new reading plan through the Psalms this year, “Songs for Our Temple.”

Songs for Our Temple (Week 3: Psalms 7-9)

Join us as Jim Krenning takes us through Psalms 7-9 in our new reading plan through the Psalms this year, “Songs for Our Temple.”

Songs for Our Temple (Week 2: Psalms 4-6)

Join us as Melanie takes us through the Psalms we will be reading as part of our year long journey through the Psalms. Join in the conversation throughout the week right here on this page.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 1: Psalms 1-3)

This year, we are reading through the Psalms and we want to invite you to take part! Melanie, Jim, Jason and Pastor Tim will chat together tonight about what this year on “This Week at Little Hills” will be like and how you can share in the experience of this reading adventure throughout the week!

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