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Giving the "Right" Answer (September 22, 2021)

We can find tons of information at our fingertips, but what do we do with the knowledge we have?

God's Plans and Our Plans (September 15, 2021)

Often times we don’t know how God is working, but by faith, we know the plans He is working out are good.

Behold!!! (September 13, 2021)

We are reminded in the Psalms that spending life with other believers brings challenges, but ones God calls us to work through.

Spiritual Therapy (September 6, 2021)

As Pastor Steve continues to recover from a stroke, he talks about how all of us “spiritual therapy” to retrain our brains to focus on the power we have in Christ.

Dealing with Your Enemy (August 25, 2021)

How should we deal with those whom we consider to be enemies? How do we react when they struggle?

A Warrior's Arrows (August 30, 2021)

Pastor Steve shares a word of encouragement as he recovers from a stroke.

Godly Counsel is Key (August 25, 2021)

The Bible calls us to seek the wisdom of wise counsel, recognizing that the Lord gives us those wise people around us.

Joy for the Journey (August 23, 2021)

Are we showing the characteristics of joy in our lives?

A Lion in the Streets... Really?!? (August 18, 2021)

What sort of excuses do we make to avoid doing what God has called us to do?

Time for Church (August 16, 2021)

As children of God, do we look forward to coming into God’s presence?

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