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The Thing Between Us: A Distracting Devil

Distractions in relationship are appealing to our flesh but destroy our relationships. When we allow Jesus between us, we become fully present to one another, and God becomes fully present to us. In a world filled with distractions, being intentional is key.

The Thing Between Us: A Dismissive Devil

Do you feel like your feelings and opinions are often dismissed in your relationships? If so, you’re not alone. Dismissiveness is a common way that the devil tries to ruin relationships. We discusses how to identify and deal with dismissiveness in your relationships. Even when the world dismisses us, God does not. The cross of Jesus is an emphatic statement that we matter, but importantly we matter to God.

We Believe: Our Purpose

Realizing God’s purpose can bring a sense of fulfillment to our lives. Unfortunately, our focus can be disrupted by various distractions, which can prevent us from discovering our true calling. By surrendering to His will every day, we can unlock blessings and experience transformation.

We Believe: Our Minds

A transformed mind involves asking questions, accepting God’s will, and maintaining humility. We believe humans are rational beings, created with free will purpose to discern the will of God. However our thinking is in need of salvation by God as well. God intends to save our bodies, our souls, and our minds. In doing so we are truly able to discern what is right and wrong.

We Believe: Our Soul

The soul is not just a spiritual entity but also the center of our emotions, desires, and experiences. When our souls are wounded, it can lead to a variety of problems, including emotional pain, unhealthy relationships, and even physical illness. However, Jesus is the one who can heal our wounded souls. Jesus can bring us peace, healing, and wholeness through His truth and His Spirit.

We Believe: The Bible

Our bodies aren’t something to be ashamed of or to be overcome, but rather something to be celebrated and redeemed. Through the example of Jesus, we understand that the body is a gift from God, and that it has eternal value.

Proverbs & Professionals: Hospitality

We explore the two different views of hospitality—the world’s view and the biblical view—highlighting the importance of loving others for their benefit. We also uncover the true essence of hospitality and how it extends to all people, regardless of our differences. Discover how you can seize the opportunities presented by God to show love and hospitality to those around you, even when it’s inconvenient or unexpected.

Proverbs & Professionals: Leadership

Join us as we explore the essence of leadership and its significance in our lives, regardless of our perceived positions. Through a captivating story of King Solomon’s wisdom, we uncover valuable lessons on leading through chaotic and difficult situations. Discover how seeking God’s justice, wisdom, and glory can transform your approach to leadership and empower you to make a lasting impact in your world of influence.

Proverbs & Professionals: Worship

Life is sustained through the act of worshiping God. When we direct our attention towards Him, we distance ourselves from death. The reason behind this is that God represents life itself, and any divergence from Him ultimately leads to death.

Proverbs & Professionals: Young People

Proverbs speaks to the importance of the next generation, and the job of those of us leading them is to do so with grace, love, and truth and without shame or disrespect. Dedicating to this kind of leadership, following the way of grace, will bring about the best benefit to our young people and guide them through the generations to come.

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