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Sent by the Spirit (Sept. 4, 2022)

God fills you with the Spirit so you can be sent by the Spirit. Often we send people away that the Spirit sends us. Living in the spirit isn’t just for inward growth, it’s also for outward growth as well.

Alone With The Spirit (August 28, 2022)

Amidst the loud chaos in our life, we often find it hard to get away and sit with God. However, listening to the spirit means getting away so you can hear the still, small voice.

Led By the Spirit (August 21, 2022)

What would your life look like if it was driven by the spirit inside of you, not by the lifestyle outside of you? If we want to be spirit led we have to learn how to meditate on God’s word.

Filled with the Spirit (August 14, 2022)

Jesus was baptized. What does that tell us about what it means to be a faithful follower of His?