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Proverbs & Professionals: Hospitality

We explore the two different views of hospitality—the world’s view and the biblical view—highlighting the importance of loving others for their benefit. We also uncover the true essence of hospitality and how it extends to all people, regardless of our differences. Discover how you can seize the opportunities presented by God to show love and hospitality to those around you, even when it’s inconvenient or unexpected.

Proverbs & Professionals: Leadership

Join us as we explore the essence of leadership and its significance in our lives, regardless of our perceived positions. Through a captivating story of King Solomon’s wisdom, we uncover valuable lessons on leading through chaotic and difficult situations. Discover how seeking God’s justice, wisdom, and glory can transform your approach to leadership and empower you to make a lasting impact in your world of influence.

Proverbs & Professionals: Worship

Life is sustained through the act of worshiping God. When we direct our attention towards Him, we distance ourselves from death. The reason behind this is that God represents life itself, and any divergence from Him ultimately leads to death.

Proverbs & Professionals: Young People

Proverbs speaks to the importance of the next generation, and the job of those of us leading them is to do so with grace, love, and truth and without shame or disrespect. Dedicating to this kind of leadership, following the way of grace, will bring about the best benefit to our young people and guide them through the generations to come.