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We're the Fools (April 1, 2024)

Sometimes our attempts to fix our situations we need rescue from go as badly as poorly planned April Fool’s jokes.

Good News and Bad News: Are We the Punchline? (March 25, 2024)

We pray the Lord’s Prayer anticipating God’s work, but a lot of times His glory and power feels quite distant. Is that the bad news that cancels out the good news that He cares?

We can Noah Hope (March 18, 2024)

Join us for our fourth anniversary of Steadfast, during which we look at how God provides hope even in dark and discouraging times.

What if We Could Live as Long as Methuselah? (March 11, 2024)

Methuselah lived 969 years — longer than anyone else recorded in Scripture. Does that mark success or remind us of failure that creeps around even that long of life?

Inflating Towards God's Plan (December 11, 2023)

When we see where God is actually headed with all of us, He equips us to run from “Fake Jesuses” and towards the true Jesus and His victory.

Why St. Nick was Slaphappy (December 4, 2023)

Right in the Christmas story, we read the incredible mystery and wonder of what God has done for us.

Christmas Cilantro (November 27, 2023)

Even timeless Christmas traditions ultimately prove… less than timeless. Is there anything we can really hold onto?

Not Enough Green Squares (January 31, 2022)

Sometimes the deck appears to stacked and it’s hard to see how life will do anything but go from bad to worse. How do we have joy then?

The End of the (Real) Cold War (April 26, 2021)

As we wrap up “alive,” we find that the resurrection speaks to more than just us having a body again: it speaks to restoration for the world.

What is a Resurrection Body? (April 19, 2021)

What does it mean to be resurrected? We have lots of ideas, but are they what God is actually promising? Join Pastor Tim tonight as we consider that question.

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