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Whom Do We Serve? (September 19, 2022)

As we conclude this Psalm, we turn to the question of what are we going to do? Are we making the right choices with our service?

Songs for Our Temple (Week 38: Ps. 112-114)

Jim takes us through Psalms 112-114 as we continue our one year journey through these songs praising God and applying His truth to our lives.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 37: Ps. 109-111)

Melanie helps us to unpack one of the most challenging of Psalms, 109, along with the lofty joy of Psalms 110-111.

Bad, Good, Better, Best (September 4, 2022)

God doesn’t just want something good for us, He wants what is best for us.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 36: Ps. 106-108)

Pastor Tim looks at hope found in God in all situations of life as we turn to Psalms 106-108 this week.

Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing (August 29, 2022)

We turn to our own plans and end up missing out on both God’s plans for us and understanding Him. Psalm 2 helps us to think about who is really in control and how we can find peace in His control.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 35: Ps. 103-105)

Jason takes us through Psalms 103-105, reminding us of who our God us, the forgiveness He offers us and the joy we have in worshipping Him.

Unfortunate Reversal (June 27, 2022)

We all love a good story of a “reversal of fortune,” but are they always good? What makes them good? Agur helps us to consider that in the next verses of Proverbs 30.

The Psalm of Jesus's Suffering

Pastor Gene begins a short series on the life of Jonah.

Songs for Our Temple (Week 21: Ps. 61-63)

Where do we place our hope? How do we think of those who would seem to have the upper hand as they do things displeasing to God? Let’s turn with Pastor Tim to the next three Psalms, Ps. 61-63, to find out!

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