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We Can Be United (November 8, 2020)

In Christ, our anxieties around division can be changed with His peace from unity. No matter what background, political party or demographic, God came to destroy the dividing wall and bring us together as one.

We Can Pray (November 1, 2020)

In this election season there is panic, fear and hopelessness. But in the church, we can’t lose sight of Jesus, whose power and reign isn’t limited by any country or government. Jesus is casting a brand new vision for the entire world, therefore we can pray, we can vote and we can work with hope.

Heart Check

Jesus is inviting us away from worry and into his rest. But we so often allow the things of this world to burden us. When it comes to our money, time and resources do we have a heart of self pleasure or a heart that is seeking God? 

Heavenly Investments

Having money isn’t the problem. Instead, we run into trouble when we invest only into earthly accounts and not heavenly ones. Opportunities to invest into heavenly accounts are all around us, both in individual needs & a collective mission. When we make this sacrifice, true joy & desire in our Almighty is found. 


What are Godly expectations when it comes to sex and touch? In our relationships, both in and out of marriage, it’s important to learn & give appropriate touch that both honors God and loves others well.   


Commitment can be difficult over the long haul, for it requires us to lay down our lives for another. But it is critically important for healthy relationships. Thankfully through the power of God’s grace and love, commitment is possible.


Is independence really the pinnacle of life? Our culture claims so but according to scripture, the self-reliant, independent life doesn’t work. Maybe we need a crutch after all.


Pastor Doyle begins the series “It’s Complicated” on growing our relationships Biblically, thinking about how we should know God and know each other.

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